My Aunt’s House

“My Aunt’s House” is a cruel trick to play on the investigators, and hence it should be run with due caution. This adventure is intended to be run soon after the investigators have had a particularly rough experience. Prior to running this adventure, the Keeper should hint that the investigators have been suffering too much and that they could certainly use a break to give them a chance to recover from their past ordeals. It is important that the Keeper convince the players that this adventure will be a “milk run” or a respite from past horrors. Naturally, this adventure will plunge them into new terrors and convince that the Mythos is even more horribly pervasive than they ever suspected. The basic plot of the adventure is that certain Mythos beings have become aware of the investigators’ activities and intend to put an end to them (by putting an end to the investigators). In order to reach this goal, a Mythos being has been sent to replace one of the investigator’s relatives and lure the investigators into trap. During the course of the adventure, this being will do its best to neutralize the investigators (by killing them or driving them mad). The goal of the investigators is to survive and defeat the being (or at least escape alive and sane). 

Download: My Aunt’s House 


~ by Michael LaBossiere on March 8, 2008.

One Response to “My Aunt’s House”

  1. Made some very nice PC handouts for this scenario.
    Feel free to download them.

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