The Dark Island

1956: Dr. David Johnson’s Antarctic expedition recovers artifacts from the ruins of an ancient city. These artifacts are confiscated by the government and put into storage.

1964: Major Gerald Green is put in charge of Operation Dark Ice, a special project involving the artifacts Johnson found.

1965: Major Gerald Green contacts Dr. David Johnson. Green attempts to persuade Johnson to join his project, but Johnson refuses and threatens to go to the press. Green has Johnson killed.

1966: Operation Dark Ice is renamed “Angband” and is moved from its location in a remote part of Maine to a small Pacific island after an unpleasant accident.

1970: Operation Dark Ice steps up its operations due to pressure to produce weapons for the Vietnam war. Green is promoted to Lt. Colonel.

1971: A terrible accident on “Angband” results in the horrible deaths (and worse) of all the personnel, except Green. Green escapes in a damaged helicopter, which crashes in the sea. He is rescued after several days at sea and spends several months recovering for his ordeal. An expedition to the island vanishes without a trace. The government declares the island quarantined and spreads a cover story about radiation. To back up the story, canisters of nuclear waste are dumped (by air) on the island.

1972-1974: Green heads up a variety of special projects (mostly “black ops”) during the war.

1993: After a leak, a congressional investigation of certain special projects begins. Representative Janet Sloane learns of “Angband” and begins her investigation of the project.

1994: Sloane contacts the investigators and requests their aid in her investigation. General Green learns of Sloane’s plans and starts putting together a team to recover material from “Angband” and put an end to Sloane’s investigation once and for all.  

Download: The Dark Island


~ by Michael LaBossiere on March 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Dark Island”

  1. Don’t suppose you could add a link to download this? It sounds like one of the best scenarios but I don’t seem to have an option to download it (like I do on the other pages)

  2. Just added the link.

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