Clean Up, Aisle Four!

In the ancient days when the earth was young, a cosmic object impacted the atmosphere and rained metal down upon the earth. This alien metal had a variety of bizarre qualities one of which was that it weakened the metaphysical veil between this reality and other realms. One chunk of the strange metal ended up buried in the earth under what is now the Massachusetts town of Weyport. For untold centuries the metal rested there, allowing interaction between our realm and a realm inhabited by nightmarish creatures. Fortunately, the area was not inhabited for many years. When the first humans arrived in the area, they eventually encountered the creatures that were able to visit our room. Realizing that these horrid beings were limited to a certain area, these people wisely avoided the region and passed on this warning to others. In 1623 a band of Englishmen were given a charter to form a colony.


Unfortunately for them, they chose to establish their initial settlement in the area that was influenced by the strange metal. Disaster was almost averted when one of the natives of the region noticed the smoke from the settlement and bravely entered the area to warn them. The leader of the settlement dismissed his warning as the mere ramblings of a savage. With sadness in his heart, the brave man left the area after making one last plea. Things went reasonably well at the settlement until one night predators from the other realm became aware of the presence of the settlers. Caught by surprise, the settlers were quickly slaughtered and devoured; leaving behind an empty settlement that seemed like the inhabitants had just stepped out. When the next ship arrived, they found the empty settlement. Suspecting that hostile natives had killed the first settlers, the second group sent the women to an established colony and, after arming themselves, the men set out in search of revenge. Unable to find anyone on which to take their revenge, they returned to the empty settlement and decided to start a few fires at night in the hopes of luring in those responsible for the lost settlers. Unfortunately for Clean Up, Aisle four! Page 2 of 12 them, they succeeded: the creatures were drawn back to the settlement to slaughter the men. A small scouting party from the established colony went to the settlement and found it abandoned once again. They decided it was best to simply leave the area alone and departed, leaving the rough buildings to fall into decay.


Shortly after this, Mi-Go scouts detected the presence of the metal in the area. The Mi Go had various uses for the strange metal and actively sought it. Having dealt with such areas before, the Mi-Go were prepared. They arrived in the area during the day, knowing that the sunlight prevented the creatures from entering into earth’s realm. The Mi-Go buried devices within the earth to disrupt the emanations of the alien metal, thus preventing the creatures from entering into the realm of earth. Thus protected, the Mi-Go mined out most of the metal and then departed the area. In 1697 Charles Wey, a down on his luck English adventurer, learned of the failed settlement and managed to talk his way into the ownership of the charter for the area. He found the ruins of the previous settlement as well as the excavations of the Mi-Go. Despite the area’s bad reputation, he was eventually able to persuade enough people to move to the area, thus creating a viable colony.


The colony eventually grew and became what is now the town of Weyport. While the Mi-Go devices remained and kept the dwellers of the other reality from entering the realm of earth, under certain conditions, such as violent lightning storms at night, people would occasionally see flickering and dim visions of the creatures of the other realm. These sightings gave the area a reputation for being haunted, which actually helped its tourist industry. However, this all changed when Cheryl Pik, owner of the Zipp N’ Pik chain of convenience stores, bought the town’s gas station and had it modernized. During construction one of the Mi- Go devices was unearthed and taken by one of the workers, thus enabling the veil to be parted in that area. Eventually the convenience store was completed and opened. Nothing happened for the first twenty-seven days. Then, one night creatures from the other realm crossed, quite by accident, into the convenience store area. Ever hungry, they attacked, killed and consumed all they encountered and then returned entirely to their realm as the solar radiation caused the veil between realms to rise again. In the morning, the day shift arrived to find the store empty. They called the police who discovered that in addition to the night shift several other people were missing-their cars were abandoned in the lot, one of them with the nozzle from a gas pump still in its tank.  

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~ by Michael LaBossiere on March 9, 2008.

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