The Brunholt Head

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Sometime in the 13th century in Germany an unknown artisan created a brazen head and trapped within it a Servitor of the Outer Gods. This head was owned by various people until it was finally put up for auction by the House of Ausberg in the 1920s. The head was stolen by ghouls at the direction of a man named Hunderprest (see “The Auction” in Chaosium’s The Asylum & Other Tales, 1983). The head was recovered by investigators but its exact fate has been lost to history. Throughout history, many were interested in the head. One man, a recent American immigrant named Hans Brunholt, had researched the head extensively and had even corresponded with Hunderprest about the artifact. Brunholt had also corresponded extensively with an Englishman named Harold Greshem. Greshem new little of the head but fascinated Brunholt with his theories about the life energy of living creatures. Greshem sent Brunholt numerous diagrams of devices he had designed that were intended to capture and store said life energy in the way a battery stores electrical energy. Greshem decided to conduct his experiments in a big way-he constructed several apartment houses in London in 1910 and equipped them with various versions of his “batteries.” He then arranged for people to die in the houses and examined the results. Unfortunately for Greshem, the authorities were somehow able to connect him with some of the deaths and him and his fellows were arrested in London. His houses were troubled places for years, at least until the Nazi bombings in WWII destroyed all but one of the them. Brunholt, who was not involved directly in Greshem’s schemes, continued his research into both the secret of the head and Greshem’s batteries. To facilitate the “special” nature of his research, he purchased a patch of land in Aroostook County, Maine and had a small house built there in 1917.  


Brunholt conducted his researches with fervor and dedication and even created several devices he patented and then sold. He used the money to purchase more equipment. In 1921 he had a graveyard set up on his property using the cover story that he was bringing the remains of his ancestors to his new home. This was thought odd, but his generous cash flow deterred serious inquiries. In 1927 Brunholt created a refined version of one of Greshem’s batteries and used it to trap the life energy of three people he had murdered by sealing them into the “crypt” in his “graveyard.” Much to his delight, although it almost resulted in his own death, the specially prepared dead bodies were able to still move. After his risky observation, he resealed the tomb and set out to create the head. Brunholt met with numerous failures in his attempt to create the head, some of which almost cost him his own life. Finally in 1931 he managed to create a functional head-one that would trap the life energy of a victim within it and preserve the victim’s intelligence and memory. Unfortunately for Brunholt, he accidentally activated the head while admiring his work-his life energy was drained into it and his lifeless body fell to the floor. With the location of the house unknown, Brunholt’s body remains undiscovered until 1951 when a young hunter, Donald Trask, stumbled upon the house. Seeing the head resting on the table, Trask enters and touches it. The touch gives Trask a severe burn and he decides to leave the head alone.  

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Raising Up Series

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Here are the adventures from the Raising Up Series.

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The Wrong

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Twenty years ago the US military had to dispose of some rather nasty chemicals that had been created for possible use in the Viet Nam war. Most of these chemicals ended up in legitimate storage dumps, but some were dumped by unscrupulous contractors in various out of the way places around the United States. One particularly nasty collection of chemicals was dumped on an island in a Maine lake and forgotten about. The chemicals lay in their poorly made dump site for years until the 55 gallon drums they were stored in corroded through and the chemicals began to mix and brew. Fifteen years ago the island the small dump was on was purchased by Brian Hansen, who had made a great deal of money with his line of fishing equipment. He had six cabins built on the island and sold five of them over the years. Hansen knew nothing of the chemicals and spent a lot of time on the island. A year ago he fell out of his boat while fishing. He tried to struggle to shore, but ended up drowning in the marshy area he was fishing in. His remains lay in the water until chemicals from the dump were washed into the swampy area and interacted with the slime and algae coating Mr. Hansens’ remains. As the summer came, the swampy area dried a bit, allowing the bones and coating to bake in the sun. From this terrible mixture arose a truly alien intelligence embodied in a horrid mixture of slime, mold, algae, muck and human bone. This terrible thing will tear itself from muck and slaughter most of the Kysler family, thus starting the adventure.  

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Will’s Island

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Untold years ago, a human sorcerer delved into matters best left alone. This sorcerer learned of the existence of Fire Vampires and similar creatures, but considered them unsuitable for his needs. Researching further, the sorcerer learned of a race he dubbed “Sachonian” (this is how the word sounds when pronounced by an English speaking person, the sorcerer’s own language is long lost). He summoned a dozen Sachonians from the “stars” and used his power over them to take control of an ancient kingdom. These creatures eventually turned against him and he bound them into twelve gold statues. The statues were carved with intricate symbols which served to keep the Sachonians from leaving. Over the centuries the statues passed through many hands and every great while a intelligent (but foolish) was were able to unlock the secrets of the bindings and free a Sachonian to serve him, at least until the creature turned on its “master.” One of these statues eventually ended up in the orient, where it was acquired by a Yankee trader, Captain Harold Wellsmith of the Fortune. Wellsmith was fascinated by the statue and became obsessed with the patterns engraved in the metal. Over the course of his long voyage, he was eventually able to free the Sachonian and use it to increase his wealth. Unfortunately for Wellsmith, in 1842 the Sachonian soon got the upper hand and began to feed on the crew of the Fortune. The crew thought they had been hit with the plague and bravely decided to stay out of port until the disease passed. The Sachonian, eager for fresh food, forced the Captain to set sail for the nearest port. Fortunately for the rest of the world, John Reeves, the first mate of the Fortune and a God-fearing man, became aware of the Sachonian. Quickly learning he could not confront the Captain openly (men who angered the Captain soon ended up dead), he plied Wellsmith with rum and learned that, ironically, the Sachonian feared water. Suspecting that the Sachonian would spread its evil if it were allowed to reach land, Reeves came up with a plan and acted on it. Reeves and the few healthy crewmen set the Fortune on fire. Unfortunately, the crew controlled by the Sachonian managed to ground the Fortune on an island off the Maine coast before the ship sank. Reeves and the few surviving crewmen were picked up by a nearby ship and told the crew a tale of madness and plague so no one would go near the island. Reeve, in the hopes of keeping people away from the island, also said that some of the crew had thrown the cargo into the ocean. The Sachonian, unable to find any intelligent beings, unable to leave the island, and in great pain from its need to feed, was forced to re-enter the statue it had been trapped in. Shortly after it entered the statue, a storm hit the island, sweeping the statue out of the wreckage and burying it. Over the years Reeves kept watch on the island and did his best to encourage people to stay away from it. Some local people reported seeing strange lights (at first the Sachonian drifting about the island and later people just thought they saw lights on the island at night, which lead them to call it Will-O-Wisp island, which later became Will’s island. The official name of the island is “Plesade Island”, but everyone calls it Will’s island. For over a century the Sachonian was trapped on the island, waiting for someone to find the statue and free it. Eventually it’s patience paid off. Becker, after a few years of research, managed to find the remains of the Fortune (Becker is doing a book on historical ship disasters). In his initial investigator, Becker and his assistant Bill Jones found a few silver items in the burnt and buried wreck. Becker and Jones returned with more students, including Randy Kesk. Unknown to Becker, Kesk had gone massively into debt. Seeing the gold and silver items that Becker had turned up, Kesk decided to get out of debt by selling out the expedition. Kesk quickly got into contact with Michel LaBeau, a notorious scavenger of historical sites. When Kesk told LaBeau’s agent about the large amount of valuables that Beckers’ expedition was finding, LaBeau dispatched Anthony Park and his team to secure the site and steal all the artifacts. After Becker leaves to go meet the investigators, Park’s team will move in (several people will go with Becker for lunch in town, giving Park his best opportunity). When Becker and the investigators return, they will be met by Park’s people.  

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The Well

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In the 18th century Edith Rheinharnst,a sorceress from Germany, came to England to conduct research on ancient stone structures, such as the various henges. She learned some terrible and dark secrets, including magicks which would allow her to create a well of immortality. This well, which was to be made of stones carved from ancient monoliths and filled with blood, would confer lasting life on those who drank from it. Unfortunately for Rheinharnst, her associate Victoria Wilson, an English Witch, betrayed her. Rheinharnst had lived in her house and they had worked together preparing the well. Wilson betrayed Rheinharnst, murdered her and used her blood to complete the well. Unfortunately for Wilson, Rheinharnst had suspected treachery (but not so soon) and had prepared for it. After her death, she rose from the blood filled well as a Well Skeleton. She then slew Wilson and her followers (Elaine Roth and Gunther Rohm) and then raised them up as Well Skeletons. Since then, the well has been cursed place and shunned by almost everyone. In 1927 a group of Boy Scouts from the Eton College Troop were camping in the area. One of the scouts, Stanley Judkins, was a rather poorly behaved young man. Despite being warned by a local shepherd and despite the fact that the area was marked as off limits on the scout maps, Judkins went to the well to take water from it. Unfortunately for Judkins, the Well Skeletons killed him, took his blood and raised him up as a Well Skeleton. A scout leader, Mr. Hope Jones, had attempted to for his troubles. Since then, the well has claimed no new victims and has been studiously avoided by all of the locals. The land the well is on eventually was claimed by the state, although it was never developed. In 1974 the land was purchased cheaply by an American, Russel Kendell, who wanted to own land in England as part of one of his money making scams. Russel Kendell made a great deal of money, enough to purchase a degree of respectability and retire from the “business.”  

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Spirit of a Thief

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July 7th, 1751 One morning a group of stalwart trappers brought me the news that they had encountered a servant of the Devil in the woods. Being men of God, they pursued him through the woods and struck him down. Once the foul beast was struck down, the trappers burned his body. After they found me, we went in search of the warlock’s camp. We found his cabin about a mile from the site were he met his fate. Entering the structure, we saw clear signs that the man was a favorite of the Prince of Darkness. Within the cabin was a trap door. When one of the trappers opened it, a foul smell, like that of the very pits of hell, rose up. Gazing down into the area beneath the door, I swear that a saw the dead moving about in that foul pit. Knowing what we had to do, the trappers and I burned down the cabin. We then carried a stone and placed it over the open wound in the ground. Over the next week, I stayed in the area, praying while engraving words into the stone. I shall tell none where the stone lies, for it is best that none disturb it.  

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Swamp Bones

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The America Civil War was waged from 1861-1865. During this time many terrible events took place. Most of these events were mundane in nature, such as bloody battles and sieges, but some were both terrible and decidedly beyond the mundane realm of human violence. In 1865, shortly before the war ended, a small band of Confederate deserters turned to banditry and began stealing from the civilian population. The bandits were driven into a Florida swamp by troops, some of whom had been their comrades at arms during the war. The local troops, well aware of local legends concerning the swamp, refused to enter the swamp. Their officer waded out into the swamp about two feet, saw an alligator, and decided to return with his men. The bandits fled into the swamp until they came to a small island. On this island was a house which was surrounded with poles. The bandits saw that each pole was decorated with a human skull, which disturbed them greatly. But they also saw that each skull was decorated with a symbol of gold, which aroused their greed and overcame their fear. Approaching the hut carefully, they found that no one was present. Summoning up their courage and greed, the bandits set out to pry the gold from the skulls. They were terrified when the skulls began to scream and terrible spirits arose from the empty eye sockets. Those who survived the attack, fled into the swamp only to come face to face with what they thought were Confederate troops. The former soldiers were horrified when they saw that the things in the grey uniforms were walking corpses and leading them was something even more horrible than them. Surrounded by horrors on all sides, some of the men went insane on the spot while others put up a last, desperate struggle. In the end, all of the bandits were slaughtered, except for the leader. All of them met truly awful fates. The owner of the hut, a terrible wizard named Papa Swamp, prepared the dead bodies of the bandits and took them to a cursed section of the swamp and sunk the bodies. After a week, the corpses pulled themselves out of the muck and staggered back to their new master. The leader met a fate even more horrible. His limbs and abdomen were cut off, while he was still living, and his torso was placed upon a pole. The wizard prepared the head and upper torso with powerful magic, preserving the remains in half living state, a guardian torso. Leaving the leader’s remains as a watchman, the wizard returned to his rest in the swamp. The wizard’s minions remained undisturbed, sleeping the sleep of the damned, for over a century. Then, two people (Daniel Ricker and Marilyn Frie) from a group of university researchers blundered across Papa Swamp’s house. The two researchers assumed that they had stumbled across an abandoned structure and went to investigate. They expected to find some interesting relics but instead they found terrible deaths. Awakened by his guardian torso, Papa Swamp arose from his slumbers to investigate. Papa Swamp took the bodies of the researchers to his cursed area of swamp and began the process to transform them into swamp zombies. After leaving the bodies in the swamp, he wandered the swamp with his swamp zombies until he found the research team’s camp. Papa Swamp was able to kill two of the researchers (Fred Draker and Wilbur Brown) while two escaped into the swamp. One of the survivors (Brian Aspin)was killed by an alligator while the other (Janet Sloane) fled through the swamp for two days until she was found by fishermen. Papa Swamp brought the two new corpses back to his cursed swamp to be transformed into swamp zombies.  

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